Wednesday, October 29, 2008

4 or more more things

Three things was a cop out. This probably will be too.
Velvet said they told her at work today that they weren't allowed to use cuss words or talk about religion or politics. I'd like to do all three:

Religion: 1. I am a mormon, but more heretical than orthodox, more liberal than conservative. Looking back, I was an apathetic mormon youth, a rebellious mormon teenager, an ultra-orthodox, ultra-enthusiastic mormon young adult. I've become more heretical and liberal while working for the church reasons I can guess at but don't understand.

Politics: 2. I'm mostly politically apathetic. 3. I felt keen interest in this last election to avoid having McCain or Hillary as a president. I leaned conservative as an ultra-orthodox, ultra-enthusiastic mormon young adult, maybe as a semi-conscious religious duty, but now I lean liberal. 4. I think I was Marxist for a while as a freshman in college but have never been politically motivated enough to vote regularly. I think I voted once in Corvallis, and early voted just a couple of days ago, and I did feel a little twinge of patriotism standing in line at the fire station. 5. I think Marijuana should be decriminalized or legalized.

This should be less controversial:

Music: 6. I listen religulously to Radio Paradise at The station identifies itself as eclectic rock. 7. Major interests that have affected me but have waned (in roughly chronological order from High School to today): The Police, The Doors, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Bjork, Radiohead, The Decemberists. Current major interests: Regina Spektor, Andrew Bird, The Shins, Jenny Lewis (in Rilo Kiley and 'Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins'), Bob Dylan. Waxing influences: Fleet Foxes, Kings of Leon. Lots of minor interests, I enjoy almost everything on Radio Paradise, I think they play all these artists at least once in a while.

I went through and number weaseled this into the seven that I feel Brenda is forcing me to do. I'll have to save the cuss words for a George Carlin tribute post.


Gail said...

How about we say you did, but don't (trib Carlin).

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Shows how things change over time. We become.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

These are some memories from me. 1. Your book interests have been fascinating to me. 2. How about when you smuggled that switchblade out of Germany. 3. The day we flipped the canoe, I lost my glasses and had to drive "blind" behind your car back into town. 4. When you creamed the poor deer on your motorcycle and bit through your lower lip and shredded your leather jacket 5. You are so painfully honest that it makes me want to confess too. Have you considered becoming a priest. 6. You should tell Curtis Dodge about your mushroom experience, you would become his all time hero. 7. Thanks for keeping your parents so young while they tried to keep up with you and out of your bulldozer desire to change the world. Dad

brenda said...

I like Dad's comment. We could each add our own seven. You could have posted seven pictures of yourself in seven different hairstyle-eras-of-Carl. (I thought of doing that myself...)

Good job voting. Even though I know it doesn't make a difference and my political feelings are so lukewarm it hardly matters to me, I like voting. It's just so great that we get to.