Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Seven

Here are my seven things about me you don't know list (the above photo has nothing to do with what you are about to read, I just like to have at least one picture with every post). I couldn't come up with seven though. I have been following in Sheryl and Jonathon's foot steps lately and getting a little more into home storage and preparedness with the state of our economy so I thought my last couple items would deal with that (we don't have our own chickens yet). So here we go...
1. I can't smell. I can smell really strong mint right up to my nose. I can also smell a strong onion but it doesn't make me cry. Every thing else, nada.
2. I was interviewed on the local television station in high school after being first female for my school at a Cross Country Invitational.
3. I would have finished college in 3 1/2 years but there was one communication class I found out I had to take. Turns out it wasn't offered until the week following graduation making me graduate in 2002 instead of 2001 (I did get to walk at graduation, my diploma just wasn't in the case). It ended up being a week intensive course so I really didn't take any classes my supposedly "final year" of college. Dang guidance councelors.
4. I don't like reading very much. If I had to pick between the book or the movie version I would choose the movie even though I know the book would be better. Maybe it is because the only time I read is when I am donating plasma which could give it a bad association. I know I will enjoy reading when I have more time.
5. Green tomatoes. If you still have them don't throw them away. If you have already trashed them you can use them next year. We actually had more that stayed green then turned red with our wierd weather so I went online and Googled "green tomato recipes". Multiple sites were listed and they all tell about the same 7 to 8 recipes. I tried a few that sounded the best to me.
A. Raspberry jam-tastes good and looks like the real thing (kid taste tested).
B. Green tomato salsa-you make it the same as you would regular. It tastes different but is very good. We have quite a bit in our freezer now.
C. Green tomato cake-It called for pecans and raisins and I don't like either of those so I substituted chocolate chips and put cream cheese frosting on top. Very tasty.
D. Fried green tomatoes-Either I made them wrong or we just don't like them. I will have to try them made by a professional some day but for now I will use the tomatoes in jam and salsa.
6. Clean out your junk. I just cleaned out the garage and am going to donate the items we no longer use or have never used. I have quite a few empty shelves now that I plan to fill with toilet paper, napkins, kleenex, etc for home storage. I never thought about that until I was visiting teaching this month and my partner mentioned it. I have always focused on food storage but I will tell you this...I don't ever want to go without toilet paper and other toiletries. That is all I will say about that.
7. There is a type of milk I found out about this month (also from my vt partner) that is regular milk that has a 1 year shelf life. I think it is processed and packaged similarly to the soy milk you find out of the fridge. She goes to Logan to a dairy place to get hers but a friend of mine and I were looking online and we found a website that delivers it for free. They come in different sizes and flavors. We did the math and the best deal for your money is the 8 one quart's. I plan on buying one a month, that way we can start cycling through it once we hit the year mark. This is for those of you who are like me and don't like using powdered milk. I have been told you should only buy what you will use I am opting for this because I will use it. I am sure powdered milk is the best way to go price wise. Anyways, the website is... ( make sure moove has the two o's or it won't work).


r said...

You are so amazing, Velvet! Those were awesome.

Ken said...

No smell? That doesn't sound fun. Does it affect taste?

Give us a review on the milk when you try it. Sounds interesting. They had some on subs called UHT which was heat sterilized. Wasn't too bad.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

It's great to learn more about you. You sure are a good spouse for Carl.

Tiffiny said...

My VT recently suggested stocking up on the paper items too! Do we have the same one? I never thought of that before but now I have a wall full of toilet paper and potato buds!

Gail said...

Good for you!! Next year you can add dried or bottled or juiced prunes to your larder! (Makes yummy jelly too!) My most recent addition based on continually watching for that kind of advice, was some #10 cans of TVP including associated recipes. I'll pass along your milk reference to our ward person who just just tried to get us to sign up for Gossner's (UHT) which is tasty but only has a 3-month shelf life plus rather expensive. Keep in mind that you can cook with powdered even if you'd rather not drink it. Another idea, strive for an extra week of any prescriptions, and keep it rotated. Took me awhile but I have what I need at work, at home, in the car.

Gail said...

P.S., I just check out the webbie and it is Gossner's. It did say 10 months+, so I guess the three months must come from the fact that the purveyor here is less direct (and also more expensive). We also buy it for the district, as a back-up for the fact that we have to have a different version on hand in case someone objects to 1%, and it's purported to be three months also. Same deal, no doubt (web more direct/longer shelf life). I'm sure you can trust what they say (the 10+). We keep a case in the schools' walk-in because it takes 24 hours to get it cold enough to have it taste "best."

velvetelement said...

We stuck one in the fridge to let it cool and wanted to taste test it before we bought more. It passed the girls, they said it tasted like the regular whole milk we buy and I thought it tasted fine too. It says it expires Aug 2009 so that is just under a year but good enough!

brenda said...

Wow, cool stuff. I want to hear more about the milk, too. I've seen cases of chocolate milk sold juice-box style at costco but have never tried it. We do buy canned milk, which you dilute with water to get a super rich milk with a decent taste. I'll keep an eye out for the boxed stuff.