Monday, October 13, 2008

October is Sooo Much Fun

So this won't be the only October post because of course there will have to be pictures of Halloween costumes. To start us off though we celebrated Kate's 2nd birthday last Saturday the 11th. I had worked that morning so I brought home a wonderful McDonald breakfast feast and a dozen Wal-mart donuts. As you can see in the picture Kate chose the pumpkin for her "birthday cake". After dining on McDonald's and singing Happy Birthday to Kate we ate donuts until we were stuffed. Kate then opened presents. She had one from us and one from Grandma Laura. We are celebrating Kate, my Mom, my stepdad, my sister Ashlin and her husband Jesse's (who happens to share the same birthday as Kate) birthdays next weekend at my Mom's and Kate will get the other couple there. On her special day she received her first baby doll and named her Dora. My Mom and I had a boutique that afternoon that we were selling our wares at and then came home for a yummy stuffed mushroom dinner prepared by Carl. My Mom left but we played some Rock Band with Ashlin before she had to go. All and all a fun day.

The next exciting day was today. Aunt Gail had come for a day of conference while Carl's parents were here and had brought the girls little pumpkins so today we carved them. Not an easy feat when they are that small, hard to get a spoon in to clean them out. On the plus side there was hardly the normal amount of guts to empty so that was nice. Anyways, the girls drew the faces they wanted on them with a little help from me and they were carved. We had to take a picture so here is one with the girls and their pumpkins and then one with the lights out and the pumpkins lit. The girls thought that was very cool and had fun blowing the candles out as soon as the lights came back on. We then put them on the back deck to keep them refridgerated and safe from teenagers who might think the pumpkins are too cool and want to steal them.


Gail said...

WOW!! Cool pix! Very cute. Happy birthday, Kate!!

brenda said...

That last picture turned out cool!

Happy Birthday, Kate!

And way to go making dinner, Carl. I've never tried making stuffed mushrooms--sounds yummy!

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Sounds like Kate had a happy birthday. What fun carving the jack o lanterns.

r said...

oh man! i wish we had been there!! looks like you guys had lots of fun. happy birthday, kate! awesome pictures, the pumpkins turned out really good.

Ken said...

Happy birthday Kate!

Cute pumpkins. Nice picture.

Ruth Family said...

fun birthday times!! Kate looks so much like grace in those pics. Wow they are all getting so big. So have they decided what to be for halloween?