Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Random December

It has been awhile since I last blogged myself or read any. So here is a new blog post and my goal is to catch up on everyone else's in the next day or two!
These are in no certain order but all happened in the month of December...enjoy!
This is a picture Grace submitted at school for the Reflections program. The topic was WOW and the students could draw, take pictures, make models, record dances, write songs or music, etc to that topic. Grace drew a picture of me upside down and it said "My Mom is Wow upside down"! Didn't win but she did receive a lovely ribbon for participating that she loved!
Of course the cold weather calls for tea now and then to warm a lady up. And when I say lady I mean lady as they all wanted to put on make up and then hold a proper tea party. They did it them selves if you couldn't tell!
Then some of our favorite cousins came back to Utah for Christmas. They are currently living in Texas while Grant works towards his PhD. His Mom is so proud! Anyways, we had a fun Sunday dinner at Aunt Gail's and it was just like old times. We really miss you Grant and Ruth!

We went to the Aquarium with our friends the Smiths and Brenda was nice enough so email me a few pics as I forgot to bring our camera. The girls love playing with the boys and we always have a fun time hanging out be it the Aquarium, the zoo, or Chick Fillet!

And last but not least we had a wonderful Christmas! The girls had a nice mix of gifts and loved it all. We celebrated with my Mom and Step Dad and in loo of a big Christmas meal we snacked all day long! Our New Years was nice too. My Mom came to spend the night and celebrate. We were all tired so around 9 we celebrated New Years watching a You Tube clip from 1997 of the ball dropping. I am going to be a little sad once the girls can tell time! No harm was done though, they were excited to stay up until "midnight" and we were excited not to! We hope you all had happy holidays and are getting back into the swing of things for the New Year.


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Love the stories and pictures. Keep them coming!

Tiffiny said...

Cute girls, they are getting so big. Drew likes to put on what little make-up she can find on my counter to make herself "beautiful." I think there is probably a teaching opportunity about self-worth in there somewhere!

carl said...

"...excited not to have to...": except for Carl, who waited up for the real new year, alone, awash in the false glow of around the world, around the clock, festivities coverage; brought close to thousands of revelers in locations around the world, but connected to none, to nothing; nothing except the reality Evil Knevil's son jumping a false volcano in a false oasis cheered on by a false crowd and false announcers. The End.

Ken said...

That was neat you got to spend time with g & r. Its fun following their blog, but its been awhile since we've connected.

I can sympathize with not making it to midnight. I didn't. It is always past midnight somewhere, right?

Sorry we didn't get to connect during the holidays. July is coming!

r said...

We miss you guys too! It was so fun to see you again.

The girls look fab in their make-up! But I have to say that I'm happy to not be at that stage yet :)

Poor Carl. I side with Velvet though. Midnight is too late to stay up.

Ruth Family said...

yeah for kids and christmas time. I loved seeing pictures of the smith family. I miss them. Its good you two still keep in touch.

Gail said...

"...excited not to have to...": big time memories, the story-telling we used to do! We've GOT to all do it again before my brain kicks the bucket completely! :) Thanks, Carl!

brenda said...

The You-tube trick is a great tip! Wonderful pics, good times. We adore your voice message, V. and kept it on the machine. Thanks for the cute pics of the girls that are on our fridge. Each one as a special place in each of these Andrus hearts. Oh and we've played "in a pickle" MANY times. Love it! Still need to try split the ward, though. Thanks for the gifts!

Los Bluemels said...

welcome back, nice pics