Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Channeling J. Golden (not G. Carlin)

Walking home from the bus stop today I saw these two little dudes on
go-karts. And I said to myself, "Llittle dudes on go-karts! What the
Hell is going on here? Where the Hell is my go-kart?". And then I said
to myself, "Even without the go-kart, God has damned me with a pretty
good life anyway".

Update: I wrote this walking home yesterday, e-mailed direct to blog (it didn't actually e-mail until it was in range of the wireless access point at my house). My brother man sees the next day and it hits the top result on Google. The interwebs are watching me...


Los Bluemels said...

Let it all out Carl, let it go and be free ;)~

Ken said...

I googled "Channeling J. Golden" and your blog was at the very top of 128 million results!

carl said...

Los Bluemels, you seem to have a unique understanding of my situation.

carl said...

Thanks Ken. That is sweet!!! I'm going to post a screenshot.