Wednesday, February 4, 2009

the_blue_danube thought you would be interested in this station

I've shifted my listening habits from to The button below ought to take you to my "quick mix" where I've built a station by telling it which artists I like (I only knew which artists I liked from listening to RadioParadise, so I owe them a great debt). So you tell Pandora what songs and/or artists and/or genres you like and it will deliver music based on what you told it. There is some magical secret-sauce algorythm involved that I superficially understand to be based on the 'musical dna' of what you like with various weights and measures involved (I believe a functional understanding of how it works would be difficult to acquire, as the magic is their bread and butter). However it is that it works, it is awesome. I don't know if this link will just work for the first person that tries it, or for anybody, or not at all. But you can go and build your own if you are interested at It will work in a web-browser but you can download a stand-alone client that seems to be less ad-heavy. Peace and Love, c-bones out.
Click here to listen


carl said...

I had an offline comment that the layout of this post was distracting. And I want to make sure that my contributions to the world are something more than a distraction.

brenda said...


I'm chronically distracted, and technology just exacerbates my condition.

brenda said...

That's just mean. The empty links. I've spent all morning trying to catch up on your crazy links.