Wednesday, March 18, 2009


You may say that I don't shed tears--
it's just that you're not there when I do,
or that if I need to when you're around,
I swallow and they come out in my poo.

When the wind blows or someone yawns
they come rushing out in streams
and when I need to shed them most
they come tearing out in screams.


r said...

Is that picture from Alice in Wonderland?

carl said...

Yes, she is in a pool of her own tears.

Los Bluemels said...

is the poetry your own, or theivery?

carl said...

I heard the words in my own head and my own fingers typed it if that makes it my own.

velvetelement said...

I love it when you mention me in your poetry!

brenda said...

Excellent poem! For some reason it reminded me of the poem "not waving, but drowning." Ever read that?

Brian said...

It's good to have you back!