Friday, April 24, 2009

Catch Up!

Sorry it has been over a month since I last blogged. Carl moved our picture stuff over to the laptop which I don't use very often but I guess I am going to start! So off we go.

We made our way to the Children's Museum finally. The girls loved it. It is like Omsi for you Oregon folk where the kids get to play and experiment with everything. Kate loved playing with these (not sure what they are called) she would get mad when I would say we needed to do other things. They loved dressing up and putting on a few plays for us and with it being Dr.Suess week they had Thing 1 there to read a few Suess books and they gave everyone a book. The girls loved picking a book but Kate did not love Thing 1!

This is an Olsen sandwich. Carl and Laura are the bread, I am the peanut butter, Grace is the jam and Kate is the chips on the side!

Kate didn't really need a haircut yet but after the two sis's had their hair cut Kate sat right in the chair thinking it was her turn. So I went ahead and let my Mom give a small trim. First haircut, yay for Kate!
Then in mid March some of Carl's family came to Utah and we made a trip to Moab to watch Neil participate in a race. It was kind of like a triathalon that entailed bicycling, climbing, a little hiking, and kayaking. We had never been to Moab and had a great time. It was beautiful there and the weather was great. Not too hot or cold, perfect for hiking on trails. In the first picture you can see carvings in the rock above our heads. The next shows us with the famous Arch. The girls had a blast and were almost blown off the side! Just kidding, but it was windy. The last picture is just a cute one of Grace.

That's it for March. I promise to be better now that I am getting a little more adept with Carl's computer!


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brenda said...

You're back! Thanks for sharing your family happenings. I love the sandwich picture. That should be your christmas card! And Kate's hair is so cute with ribbons! Looks like a fun museum.

And super cool capes. Maia would top it off with a Darth Vader mask.

Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

I agree. That sandwich pictures should be framed! It's good of all of you and really outside the box!

Los Bluemels said...

yea, moabs great, nice update