Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May Fun

May started off with Carl's birthday. We had
Aunt Gail, Velvet's Mom and Step-Dad, Velvet's
Sister and Bro-Inlaw, and friends Brian and
Angie over to help us celebrate number 31!
He got some great gifts and we ate some yummy
Brats, mashed potatoes and saure kraut (sp)
thanks to Carl's birthday dinner wishes!

Then a couple of days later we participated
in the Race for a Cure 5k. Our friend Kallie is a breast cancer survivor. We did the race with them last year and it brings back memories of Grace's heart surgery because the walk was just a few days after she got home from the hospital. We had a good time though. It was wonderful weather and it is interesting to see all of the different people participating on behalf of lost friends and loved ones, and celebrating those who have lived through it. It is a wonderful cause and we are so grateful to be healthy enough to do it.

Then we come to the play Laura was in. It is through the rec center and the group is called Up With Kids. The play was Enchanted and Laura was Alex the Lion from Madagascar. We got a dvd so we will bring it to Oregon with us so those grand parents that weren't able to see it in person can see Laura's acting skills. She really enjoys it and seems to have a nack for remembering things. She did a great job of memorizing different things for preschool through out the year as well. She is looking forward to a summer of swim lessons and then starting up with the acting again in the fall and the play they will be doing, Wicked and the Wizard of Oz. It should be interesting! She also received an Oscar at the end along with the other kids. We are very proud of her!


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

What a sweet picture of Laura and her dad. I'm glad you're bringing the video of her play with you. I think it's great the way you two enjoy your children.

Ken said...

Uncle Buzz-buzz lives!

r said...

YAY!! A post! Laura looks so cute as a lion :) Cute pictures.

Tiffiny said...

Look at you guys! Busy but having some fun. Paul knew he missed Carl's birthday but never did try to get ahold of him. What a dork. Sorry Carl, happy birthday!