Thursday, September 17, 2009

So I feel so bad. I am just now posting about
Laura's birthday but better late than never! Laura's
birthday kind of stretched out the whole week.
Aunt Brenda and cousins were visiting that week.
We made a trip to Classic Skating one day. We love it
there; skating, bounce toys, a huge jungle gym
type thing, a lot of fun. They also have water slides
which we had never done before. It was so much
fun, everyone had a blast!

On the actual day of Laura's birthday we went
swimming at our local recreation center. There
are slides, and a huge bucket that fills with water
and dumps onto you. Afterwards we had pizza
and cupcakes. Then on to the fun of opening gifts.
Laura loved everything she opened be it clothes
or toys!



Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

How cool is that. Cousin there to help her celebrate her big day.

Gail said...

Cute. I love your "5". Happy belated to both Velvet and Laura!!

Tiffiny said...

Happy birthday Laura! Our kids are getting so big!