Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Velvy wanted to stop at three, but I insisted on a fourth

vintage '80s, Trek 830, 15 speed
purchased: sum of janeldo bucks in 2002 or 2003.
current worth: priceless sentimental value
location: hanging from garage ceiling, frame separate from wheels
operational status: unknown
fun facts: my Dad put 10's of thousands of miles on it. came with matching ladies step-through unit (location: unknown).
approximate appearance:
early 20th century, motiv dual suspension (orange), 24 speed
purchased: a couple hundred american dollars at costco, early 20th century.
current worth: a few tens of american dollars, no sentimental value
location: bike rack near screw-driven garage door
operational status: good-to-excellent
fun facts: officialy Velvy's, she rides it when we go for family rides, but I ride it when nothing else of mine is running. post and seat stolen, replaced with a camo seat and a nut and bolt in lieu of quick release.
approximate appearance:

ultra-motor a2b electric pedal hybrid, 8 speed
purchased: enough to buy a running junker automobile, early 20th century, strategically the week before Velvy left for a few weeks vacation in Oregon.
current worth: unknown, a little bit of green cred (charged on coal power)
location: near the garage fridge
operational status: after a couple of salty, slushy, icy winters: flickering
fun fact: in warmer days, used to traverse the polluted yet oddly natural jordan river trail.
approximate appearance:

(I pretty much look like this d00d when riding it, too)

Schwinn (Hongling) Gateway, 28", 7 speed
purchased: 75% off at Target, a couple of weeks ago (had my eye on it at full price, couldn't resist)
current worth: a few happy meals, sore legs
location: bike rack near screw-driven garage door
operational status: good, drivetrain clunks under strain
fun fact: Velvet wanted me to get operational and Sophie's choice #1 or #3 above first, but couldn't deny that 75% off was irresistable. Freewheel gave out after a few dozen miles, replacement cost an additional 50% of the 75% discounted purchase price
approximate appearance:


Eldon and Janeil Olsen said...

Interesting post. My Trek is being ridden still by Jessica to college classes.

Dave posts, Bridgette edits said...

very nice post, may have to steal idea, but my bikes aren't nearly as original

Chuck said...

My brother did an awesome one on the computers he has owned that was my inspiration. The post title, in retrospect, was probably a little cruel to the grandparents. The illustrations are more dramatizations than recreations, except for the schwinn.